What is the Winter Solstice to Christmas Day?

Is Christmas Day the same day as the Winter Solstice?

The 25 December was given as the official birth date for Jesus. As his actual birth date was unknown. It was during the Roman Empire’s time that this was decided. Taking the pre-Christian or Pagan celebrations and mingling them with the Christian celebrations to the Christmas we know today. The Roman Emperor took the Roman Winter Solstice which occurred on the 25th December.

Christmas nativity birth of Christ on Christmas day

What is the Winter Solstice?

The solstice occurs twice in the year. Winter and Summer. Winter is the shortest day of the year. When the day is short and the night is the longest. In times past, it was the day of feasting. Before the really bad winter weather started from January to April. When famine was likely. Before the weather allow them to grow many crops; and their supply of food ran out or become very limited by May. A time to celebrate the past year and looking foreword to the new one. Cows and other animals were slaughtered to eat, because they could not feed them through the bad winter to come.

The Winter Solstice  differs from year to year. It usually falls in the UK between the 21st and 23rd December. This year it is the 21st Thursday December 2017, when we are only having 7 hours and 50 minutes of daylight. .

Celebrating the Winter Solstice.

The major celebrations take place at Stonehenge. Where people gather to celebrate the rise of the sun on the shortest day. So are you heading for Stonehenge this year and joining in with the hundreds of people who gather there. Or are you having your own celebration?

Magical Stonehenge

Here is a few chosen pieces of Pagan jewellery to wear for the celebrations..

Witch moon & star abalone necklace

Witch moon & star abalone necklace

Is there such thing as a Gothic Christmas ?

Want a Gothic Christmas?

What alternative jewellery pieces do you wear to get a Gothic Christmas look? Keep black as your main colour but add red and a dark green to give a more Gothic Victorian look this festive season. For a more Xmas kitsch style, add bright red and green with a huge splash of gold and silver glitter. Get a pair of vampire teeth earrings and add some tinsel bows. Or use a Christmas bell cameo brooch on a choker with a plain black velvet necklace.

Okay so its only 6 am and I am still asleep writing this! But you get the idea to create a Gothic Christmas look? You can dress up using Gothic jewellery and accessories that are for all year around; but by adding a little extra Christmas colouring, sparkling Christmas tinsel, holly or a traditional seasonal design – you can appear to be getting into the festive celebrations.

Christmas as the name suggests is a religious time of the year for many. However it has Pagan roots. The winter solstice has always been celebrated right back in time. Yule time was a time of year that our ancient ancestors, looked to the important summer crop producing months and went out of their way to ensure they had a bumper food crop. It meant life or death for them, so they had to do all they could to make sure they had enough to eat.

Singing to drive away bad spirits, that may ruin a food crop around their village was popular in the middle of winter. With Father Christmas a magical being, with magic powers. He is similar to the Christmas Witch traditions in many other countries – so he definitely has Pagan roots. Holy trees with evergreen leaves and bright red berries, is said to be able to drive of evil spirits. So we tend to use this in our Christmas decorations. Many of our favourite festive traditions were here, long before they were adapted by Christian beliefs.

Over the next few weeks, we will look at our Gothic Christmas traditions and explore their roots. In the mean time just add Gothic jewellery to your Christmas shopping list. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, it is just nice to treat yourself every now and then.

Christmas alternative jewellery

Alternative Jewellery – Not just for Christmas.


What does Gothic mean to you?

What does Gothic mean to you?

The term Gothic can mean a number of different things to different people. In fact when I looked up Gothic on the internet I found that it was divided into 4 very different meanings or groups. I would describe my outlook as Gothic, being drawn to the Gothic style in many ways. But do I fit with the way Gothic is seen by those who have classed the meaning? Lets have a look… The four are:-

  • Germanic people.
  • Architecture type.
  • Romanticism in novels.
  • Goth subculture.

So looking at each in turn:-

Germanic people.

Gothic means a group of East German tribes. An extinct language spoken by the Goths in the 6th century. Apparently only a few documents have survived. The most famous is the Codex Argenteus (a translation of the bible into the Goth language). They had a different letter and number structure. It looks like the tribe in the 6th century were defeated by the Franks and so their culture went into decline.

Then it is also attributed to Crimean Goths. From the 9th to the 18th centuries. A separate branch and different dialect than the 6th century tribe. However looking at the words used in comparison to English. It just looks like a phonetic version, with a bit of clearing phlegm from the back of your throat at the same time as trying to speak!!

When I first looked at this; I thought what has it got to do with my Gothic tendencies?

I know my great grandparents were German and have had my DNA tested. Which surprisingly came back East European as my higher percentage of DNA markers. As my other great grandparents were Irish and English and in the majority. Technically it should have not been so. So does the leaning towards Gothic-ism mean that it is possibly in your Germanic DNA and that there is nothing you can do about it?

DNA strand for Germanic tribe

Is it in my DNA?

Architecture type.

Gothic art and the Medieval building style that flourished in the mid to late Middle Ages. Think Medieval monasteries, castles and old churches. High pointed arches, tall ribbed and carved pillars or dark gloomy, spiritual places.

Medieval Gothic architecture building

Medieval Gothic architecture building

I just love the Medieval history period and find it fascinating to visit old churches and castles. I have done this my whole life. Which at over 1/2 a century, is for some time now…. I do not like modern and would much rather live in a brick built and stark old place than new. Don’t get me started on those ridiculous hub caps on the Birmingham building or the unfinished outside facade of the Birmingham library (in my opinion). Again why do I get drawn to this Medieval era and not modern subculture? Is it my DNA again, as it certainly was not from my parents or upbringing. School was more Latin and the bloody Romans. This is certainly something to ponder on more – if I have any time!

Romanticism in novels.

Gothic is linked to the famous Dracula novel by Bram Stoker and hence the whole vampire thing. Books, films and the whole vamp culture. Then there is the earlier book Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin, described as a Gothic tale. Frankenstein, Jane Ayre, Jamaica Inn, the list goes into the hundreds of most famous and more not so famous written over the years.

“Making its debut in the 18th century, (Northanger Abbey was written in 1804) Gothic fiction is a branch of Romanticism that sought to stimulate strong emotions in the reader – fear and apprehension in this case. Gothic fiction places heavy emphasis on atmosphere, using setting and diction to build suspense and a sense of unease in the reader. Common subject matter includes the supernatural, family curses, mystery, and madness”.

Taken From “The Best Gothic Books of all times”  and changed a little!

Woman having a blood bath

Now inspired to actually read my way through this list. After I finish the novels I am reading about alien invasion on earth, that is. So would I describe myself as liking Gothic novels. Yes in a way. I haven’t read all of the books described as such. But I have read some. Most I know about by title, but have yet to read. But I have read a great many vampire, mysteries, supernatural and such. I watch most of the films and TV programs of this genera. Much to my families amusement. So I suppose this is another tick in my Gothic box.

Gothic subculture.

A culture typically emerging in the 1980s to early 1990s, after the Punk Rock era. Fashion typically recognized by dyed black hair, pale face makeup, dark Victorian or similar clothing and dark eye liner.

But I would say that it was a evolution of fashion from the 1960s, led by the Rock bands progression through the following decades. Eventually becoming noticeable in the 1980s, when the bands became more artistic in this style and so led the way. It was a revolt against the main fashion and culture of each decade since. The hippy 60s was a revolt against the straight laced, short haired singers of the day. In the 1970s, it was a stereotypical view of the disco years that led to Rock music becoming popular. In the 1980s, Punk Rock was the extreme, load and brash compared to the sweet, sometimes sickly tuneful music of the New romantic. There had to be a middle ground to emerge from this two very contrasting sounds. It had a link to original Rock music of the 70s evolving. Metal and Rock music in the 80s, emerged into a refined, sorrowful and atmospheric, Gothic Deathrock and Death Metal cultures. It built on the young adult feelings of disillusion, death, macabre and loss of life. Often mixed with Gothic fiction.

A woman is a vampire with pale skin and red hair in a black dress and a necklace on her neck. Girl witch with vampire claws and red lips. Gothic look. Outfit for Halloween.

My own experiences are of wanting to rebel. I did not want to be just one of the crowd and felt angry at them for following the normal. Exploring music led to my distinctive look. In the 70s, I found Rock music. This led to long hair, denim clothing, cheese cloth shirts and heavy leather belts. When I went to discos, most of the women were dancing around their handbags in the same looking clothes. The men were situated around the dance floor just watching. My friends and I stood out. In our clothing and the way we enjoyed dancing to Rock music. It was a thrill and it made me feel different and special. In the early 80s, my look became darker, black lace skirts over short pencil skirts, high heel boots and shoes and different to what was classed as the normal of that time. My husband always says I was a rock chick! I tried to look sexy and felt very confident in myself. Unfortunately I missed out on the Gothic Deathrock & Death Metal era, too busy bringing up kids and working to keep a roof over our heads. But as the years go by I look back. Yes if I was born in the late 80s to 90s, I would have been in that Gothic subculture.

Portrait of the gorgeous goth (Deathrock) girl dressed in leaky blouse, skirt and bra standing among industrial ruins

It is a really rebellion against conforming, a way to depict your artistic, musical and inner self. But once a Gothic follower, always one. It never leaves you and is always lurking in the background. Today it is more accepted that there are different subcultures. With large festivals and music events taking place.

Do we change from being Gothic?

Okay as you age, clothing may change to gain access to the lifestyle and work that you want to do. We all need money. But it reflects when you wear clothes for relaxation. The style may not be black, but you do not quite conform to what women/men are expected of the same age.

Jewellery has that Gothic style and so does the music you choose. You hanker towards skulls and a more Medieval interior design. You are more relaxed about your kids trying different ways to express themselves. But that still didn’t mean that they could have piercings or tattoos before they were 16!.

Black hair is one of those things that has to go as you age. Black dyed hair makes you look older and gives you a surreal and harsh look. To be honest, if I see a person a my age with jet black hair, I think they are quite laughable. Better to age gracefully. Going grey is inevitable, but easy now to dye it a light color with white tones. As the years progress, I will go white, never grey, white with maybe a hint of bright color. Yes the old blue rinse comes to mind. However that was with a conforming blouse, same style skirt and set of pearls. Not going to happen to me.

In fact as I age, I think what the hell. I have never conformed and I do not give a rat’s ass to conform now.

So be Gothic.    

Dare to be a little different

Dare to be a little different?

Following the latest trends – you must have the “in” trainers, the same dress as your friends, so as not to stand out and conform to the normal. But inside you are screaming …NO.

Today everyone seems to watch reality programs on TV – Get a life, they are so boring and very false. Soaps – what a load of rubbish, they just leave me cold or want to shout “are you that stupid”. Sport programs – No, never seen the point of kicking a ball around the grass. You do not need to play any sport or spend hours in the gym to stay fit and healthy. Talent shows – please, once is enough. But week in, year out. What is wrong with you people, no imagination or that of the people who dream them up. But then it is driven by the number of views. Just stop watching and turn off. If you want to be a star – then work hard at it. Not go on a program and think you will make it big just like that. 5 minutes of fame comes to mind, then its chasing rainbows that you never find the pot of gold at the end. If you have got talent – then use it now. Don’t just dream, make it happen.

Then when it comes to clothes. Go along any high street and it is the same shops. So if you buy that top or dress. Someone on your big night out is bound to be wearing the same. How many times have you gone out looking for something. Plenty of money in your pocket and eventually gone home in disgust. That the racks of clothes are all the same – boring and poorly made. Thanks for the internet. It is now the place for small independent designers to sell stuff that is very different. Or just customize. Learn to sew or glue things on.

It is okay to make mistakes. that is how you learn to grow and gain confidence. Confidence is important in life. Stand tall and ignore the people who are afraid to be a little different. Wear what you like and what suites you. Watch what you like, listen to what you like and turn of the rest. Follow your own path and don’t try to conform.

In the end you will be happier.



Healing Spell for May

Healing spell for May

magic spell for may witchcraft

This month is a time for healing. So Gothic White Witch has devised a healing spell, to give a little extra help to someone dear to you. They may be facing a difficult life trauma or have a physical or metal health issue. It is only natural that you want to send them all the goodness you can empower, to help them to recover. This healing spell is simple and easy to undertake.

Healing Spell.

For this healing spell, you will need a small plastic container – a cup or empty & clean yogurt pot will do. A fresh flower bud, like a rose or a flower head in season. At the moment there are For Get Me Knots about still, Columbines (Aquilegia), Petunias and many more in flower. In the late May garden are roses in many different colors, just starting to flower. So for this a red rose bud would be apt.

  • Take a small plastic container – one that will fit into your freezer and big enough for a flower.
  • Place the flower into the container and cover with water.
  • Place on the table in front of you and quietly visualize the person that you want to help.
  • Visualize that person’s pain or illness and mentally transfer it out of them into the flower in the container.
  • Now think of that person standing whole and glowing with vibrant health.
  • Take the container and put it into the freezer.
  • Leave to freeze for 24 hours.
  • Once frozen, take out the freezer and loosen the ice lump by running the container sides under hot water for a few seconds.
  • Once loose, take the container outside and tip out the ice lump under a bush. A place where it will not be disturbed and the flower will eventually disintegrate and feed the bush.
  • Stand back and visualize the ice melting, the flower disintegrating and being pulled back into the earth by nature’s evolving cycle.
  • See in your mind, your chosen person’s illness melting away with the cool water trickling into the earth and the flower’s slowly breaking down in the soil.

Seeing someone dear suffer is heartbreaking. You feel helpless and some people will pray to their God for help. This is a little extra help, that may or may not work. But at least you will have tried and will gain some comfort from that.

A great believer of “Things happen for a reason” At the time, it can feel like a disaster and heartbreaking. But it was not meant to be. Become stronger and let go of something that you can not change, focus on what you can achieve.

Blessed Be to all.

About Gothic White Witch

All you need to know about Gothic White Witch accessories.

The Head White Witch got together her small coven and asked them to help her in her new venture. She wanted to start a new line of jewellery and accessories that she liked and wore. So they all gathered around the sacred tree at midnight and danced until the sun came up, for magical inspiration. Chanting this spell over and over to help them to succeed.

“Sacred land of this place.

Far beyond our visual space.

Goddess old and precious soul.

Guide us to complete our goal”

Later that day (after they had all slept of the night’s festivity) The white witches gathered around their big black cauldron. Throwing in beads and chains with a hint of black and other jewellery parts – their first piece was created. The Gothic hair clip had the face of the white Goddess. After each of the witches tried on the hair clip, and spent time admiring themselves in the mirror. They went back to the large cauldron and started to create more pieces of witch jewellery. Because they wanted to sell onto others that loved to wear something different and unique.

On this website you will find all manor of creations by the Gothic White Witch coven. With more added daily as they hand make each individual piece. Sometimes they add a little spell to enhance the magical properties of their unusual creations. So please take a look. You never know what you will find…

Some of their accessories available now.

Gothic White Witch hair clip

Falen Fairy necklace

Welcome to my Gothic life

My Gothic Lifestyle.


Welcome to my Gothic life. I have always liked the unusual, medieval, and Gothic jewellery to black, lace clothes, rock music, rock chic styling, medieval houses and of course skull, wizard, dragon or witch ornaments. Through out the many years, we have run our main sister website. I have always wanted to have a huge section on alternative accessories that are new and exciting. But having to suppress it to just one small category, eventually this year I have been let loose…..

Over this year, we will be introducing more unique pieces of alternative jewellery that means you do not have to fit into the “normal” anymore.

So enjoy and follow this blog for more news and reviews.

my gothic life