About Hemlock & Rose.

This is my family history. Researching mine and my husbands genealogy from our parents ancestry. It is an ongoing project and to fund this website. We are selling genealogy ephemera of postcards, wills, notebooks, photographs, old maps and more. We have Hart, Weaver, Ward, Lightfoot, Feege, Davies, Welch and many other surnames from Birmingham, Shropshire, Germany and Ireland to name a few places our ancestors lived. 

How did it all start!

When I was about 11 or 12, I started a family tree. I didn't get far. Just a few names onto a single sheet of paper in the form of an ascending chart. My granddad helped me with a list of names and a bit of information. I still have that list today. Of course other things like friends, school and boys! got in the way. My list lay hidden in my pile of papers for many years.
In 2006, I developed an illness where I had severe and persistent dizziness, as well as a few other nasty symptoms. Forced to stay in bed. I turned to using my computer. I could just keep my head still, without causing that horrendous wave of spinning and disorientation. Occasionally just moving my eyes would set the room spinning around. But it meant that I could use a laptop sitting up in bed.
Bored after a few day,  I accidentally found a free link for researching your family history on the 1901 census. Curious I tried to look up my grandparent and their families.   Surprised, it wasn't my grandfather's parents thati